Your Mouth and Your Overall Health

Most people are of the opinion that oral hygiene is only for having a good smile and fresh breath. So people have a tendency to become rather negligent of oral health care. But, it should be on our mind at all times that all the food we eat pass through our mouth.

If your mouth if filled with bacteria and germs then all that will get carried to your belly irrespective of what food you eat. Also, the mouth is a vital part of the body and hence lack of oral health care can lead to a variety of diseases, including cancer.

Now this is not to get you depressed or anything like that. Instead, take the read as a precautionary statement about the effects that can come from neglected oral care and the relation between your mouth and your overall health.

The Direct Consequences of Poor Oral Care

Have you ever given the due importance to your mouth as it deserves? After all, your mouth is the one and only body part which enables you to eat and taste food, and drink water – the two most important things to sustain life. Still, this is mostly taken for granted. Poor oral care will inevitably lead to gum problems which will lead to trouble chewing. An infection in the epiglottis can also make things painful to swallow.

If you want even more instances of problems due to neglected oral care then remember your childhood. Recall those times of severe toothache and the difficulty it caused while talking. That same thing can happen in adulthood, if you neglect care for your chompers for too long. But this time, the cavity prone tooth, which will be taken out, won’t grow back.

Oral Hygiene is Linked to Your Heart

There are many studies that have been able to correlate dental inflammatory disease to higher risk of heart ailments. For example, people with a chronic gum disease has a double than normal chance for having a heart attack.

Increased Risk for Diabetes

Another thing to note here is that improper oral care can turn you into a diabetic. There is a staggering amount of research done in this area and all the results point in the same direction. Chronic or even acute but severe gum disease does affect blood glucose levels and can contribute to diabetes.

A Plethora of Other Problems

Besides the ones mentioned above, poor oral care can be responsible for cardiovascular disease, endocarditis, diabetes and loads more. Furthermore, if you love chewing tobacco, which is considered as bad for oral hygiene, then you have a high risk of getting oral cancer. Ouch!

Besides this, neglected dental care can lead to cavities which can lead to severe pain. Dental pain can impose problems with work and productivity. If you start noticing pain, emergency dentists from MGA Dental Brisbane & Gold Coast will provide you best possible cure & treatment.

Furthermore, oral disease can put on a financial burden. This and the fact that both adults and children share the same risk of getting such illnesses, it is important that proper hygiene is maintained to avoid such scenarios.

Do not ignore these situations as if it is left unchecked, chronic cases might inevitably lead to a heart ailment. Understand the importance of proper dental care and take proper initiative.

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