Why You Should Buy A Home Enema Kit

So you need an enema.

Enemas are a time honored medical procedure for internally cleansing one’s colon. An enema can have several positive effects on one’s health and is completely harmless. If you, or someone you know, suffers from chronic allergies, headaches, depression, stomach pains or any number of gastrological symptoms — an enema could be advised. It is possible to have a medical professional perform this procedure, or you could procure a kit to do your enema at home just as safely for over half the cost.

An Enema Will Detoxify Your Body

Home enemas are nothing new to the world. The colon cleansing procedure used to be reserved for kings back in the 16th century, but now it is normal for anyone to consider purchasing their own enema kit. The process simple: flush water through the colon and clear out any loose fecal particles which could spur bacterial growth. It is a good idea to clean the bacteria from your bowels and you should not ever worry about losing the good bacteria in your system.

Our bodies perform complex processes without our ever knowing it. Your good bacteria is leaving your body through your stool at the same time that waste products are being passed. However, it is possible that, over time, bad bacteria can begin to cling to the insides of your colon which is known to cause infection. After you have flushed the bacteria out of your body with your enema kit, you will feel reinvigorated and some of the symptoms you have been suffering will simply disappear. Why is that?

The Science of Enemas

A home enema kit will include the bag, rounded tubing, clamps, and a preselected soap and is completely disposable. The bag will include either warm tap water which can be mixed with a number of different enzymes and liquids like magnesium oxide or even coffee. The procedure will regulate your body’s fatty acid metabolism and equilibrate your colonic homeostasis by oxidizing your colonic tract. After your enema, your body will have a clean slate for electron transport which will cause you to feel more energized because you’ll literally be replacing your old electrolytes for new ones.

The scientific community fully supports home enemas and encourages people to perform them when they feel the need. However, it should be noted that an enema is neither a one time fix nor is it a procedure that should be performed too often. Most clinical professionals suggest taking one enema a month.

Owning your own enema kit should also be recommended, even if it is just disposable. Reusable kits are also available, but that is entirely up to the consumer. Reusable kits are more ecologically friendly to the environment, cheaper over the course of your life, and more durable. If you feel that you are unsure that you’ll continue regular colonic cleansing or do not wish to clean the apparatus, then a disposable kit can be purchased very cheaply. Most medical professionals recommended making an enema part of your regular hygiene duties and consulting your doctor before choosing a solution to include in your warm tap water.

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