When is the Best time to seek Hair Transplantation

The genetic hair loss is a condition that shows the pattern baldness and can be passed down from either parent. The genetic hair loss shows the pattern baldness that occurs in both the genders, but the case of total baldness only present in males. Female shows the female pattern of baldness that only signifies the state of severe hair thinning. The people who are suspected with the pattern baldness show the effect of hair loss, thinning, and severe hair falls just from the very early stage of life. However, the teenagers are prone to the state of pattern hair loss and it is an important concern to check when your onset of hair loss began and how their acceleration to adopt the state of severe thinning as well as hair falling. The procedure of hair transplant is a safe, painless, scarless, and a permanent solution to get over the problem of hair loss. The hair transplant cost mainly depends on the state of Norwood baldness that may range from grade I to VII.

The cost of the procedure primarily based on the grade of baldness and the number of grafts that directly affect the procedure. People who generally want to get the restoration treatment mainly focus on the clinic’s charges for per graft and decide that particular one which is more budget friendly with the effective treatment benefits.

In this article, we discuss the factors that say about when is the need of the hair transplant procedure is described below:

What is your age?

Age does matter as it decides the state of hair loss in terms of their stability and donor area condition. However, it is important that the patient must attain the maturity stage means they crossed the age of 25 to get the surgical procedure done in an effective manner. The age is the factor that is considered by the surgeon who is going to perform the task of hair restoration as it clears about the success of the procedure. It is important for the restoration procedure that one should possess the stable donor area with the stable state of Norwood baldness in order to receive the aesthetic outcome of the procedure.

What is the state of safe Donor area?

One who receives the susceptibility genes of baldness from their family shows the state of hair loss in a very early stage, but it is also a concerning aspect to know the state of loss, their severity as well as complexity in terms of available donor’s condition to achieve the best outcome of the procedure. The donor area should be in a stable state and no further hair loss could be predicted. However, it could confirm the possibility of the hair transplantation in the view of achieving the aesthetic result of the procedure.

What is the Extent of Hair loss?

What is your Norwood grade of baldness has a pivotal role in deciding the procedure of hair transplantation, especially the technique of hair restoration! There are two important types of hair transplantation, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. It is very important to have a stable and strong donor area in order to get the FUT/strip harvesting technique of hair restoration. Therefore, knowing the state of hair loss is mandatory and so it is advisable to get the consultation with your hair transplant surgeon.


It is mandatory to receive the pre-procedure consultation that helps in knowing the exact hair loss state and the respective treatment to sort out the problem of hair loss in a very good way with the aesthetic touch and effect.




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