What is the role of a Personal Trainer?

If you love fitness, going to the gym and learning new workouts then you may have considered becoming a Personal Trainer. You may be feeling a little apprehensive about what personal training actually entails and how to provide workouts to your clients, but don’t worry! We’ll be discussing the role of a Personal Trainer in more detail below as well as details as to how you can get started in the fitness industry.

The world of personal training is competitive and with so many avenues to choose from you may be feeling a bit lost as to where to begin. Understanding the role of a Personal Trainer may help you feel at ease as to what life is like in the fitness industry and help you find your feet in a personal training role. Here is our advice as to what becoming a Personal Trainer involves…

Personal Trainer Responsibilities

There are many duties that a Personal Trainer has to undertake throughout their job. One of the most important responsibilities is having knowledge in health, fitness and nutrition. Your clients will come to you for fitness advice; whether they’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle, you’ll need to assure them that they are taking the right path on their fitness journey.

Secondly, you’ll need to have great interpersonal skills in order to interact with your clients. You’ll need to be friendly, a good listener and be able communicate clearly to those who chose to train with you. Many of your clients may have not used a Personal Trainer before or may lack self-confidence when exercising so it will be your job to guide and support them through their fitness journey. You’ll need to be able to adapt themselves to different clients and be a friendly face in times of need.

As well as this, you’ll be responsible for the safety of your clients. Making sure they complete their workouts safely as well as being trained in first aid and CPR will mean you’re ready to look after your clients.

Personal Trainer Courses

In order to become a Personal Trainer, you’ll have to undertake a training course in order to gain the correct qualifications needed to help others achieve their fitness goals.

The Training Room offers personal training Courses on both a full time and part time basis so you can find a course to suit your existing commitments and lifestyle. There are Health and Fitness Academies all across the United Kingdom that offer this Personal Training Course so they’ll be a location that you can access easily. If not, you can even study personal training online with The Training Room – there really is something for everyone!

You don’t just have to stop with The Training Room’s Personal Training Courses. There’s also the option to complete a CPD course in other fitness skills such as Kettlebell Training and Circuit Training. This means you can specialise in certain fitness techniques further and learn so many more skills.

What are you waiting for? Make sure you contact The Training Room to get started on your personal training career today!

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