Weighing the Benefits – 6 Simple Methods for Burning Fat At Home

We are always on the lookout for a ‘magic bullet’ as far as weight loss is concerned.

As people moving through the digital world we’re all under a lot of pressure from the marketing and media industry to have the ‘perfect’ body, and we for one would love too be able to burn fat fast while still enjoying all the trappings of our modern lives!

We know that summer is always just around the corner, and as the days get warmer we’re sitting here in our tracksuits quietly fearing the bikini or board shorts that we’ll have to don sooner or later. So, we’ve decided to share some of our top tips for burning fat at home so that the next time you’re looking to sneak another gym routine in you’ll be able to burn fat faster than you can click here.

Figure out your diet to burn fat

While there’s a lot of information out there about fat burning diets plenty of these options are quick fixes which are often unsustainable. Instead of following some crazy fad we suggest that you follow a more precise and realistic meal plan. We advise that you:

  • Stay away from sugars. As you would have heard unless you have been sequestered away underneath a rock, carbs are basically satan. Well, maybe not that bad – but starchy, refined carbohydrates are pretty bad for you if you are looking to lose weight and keep it off. It’s important to stay away from most types of carbs but not to skip them altogether. Think about eating carbs like oats, rice, fruit and vegetables. Things like cake, potatoes, lollie and chocolates probably aren’t what you should be eating if you want to lose weight.
  • Eat fibre. You need to be consuming plenty of fibre when you are hoping to lose weight, and fibre is also great for keeping you feeling full for longer. If you eat fibre it can help with certain types of weight loss.
  • Eat good fats. Don’t fall prey to the mistake that in order to lose fat you need to stop eating fat. Don’t eat saturated fats – and avoid animal fats; but you can eat mono and polyunsaturated fats in moderation. Not only do these kinds of fats help to clear your system of bad forms of cholesterol, you’ll also feel full for longer.
  • Go the protein. Protein is great for keeping you full and satiated for longer. Eggs, meat, dairy and fish are all great for any kind of fat loss.

Exercise for fat loss

Make sure that when you are working out at home that you are doing plenty of cardio.

Make sure that your exercises are aerobic (or anaerobic – as both burn fat effectively) and simply ensure that you are consistent. Workouts that are consistent over a long period, like jogging or dancing, are going to be great for burning away your unwanted belly fat.

Get on the weights

A key component of your weight loss and fat burning exercise is weights.

You need to pick up the weights at least three times a week and include cardio and weights as part of your fat loss routine. Weight training burns calories and will also ensure that your body is in fat burning mode for hours after a workout.

HIIT it up

HIIT – or high intensity interval training – is a great option for your weight loss.

HIIT consists of brief periods of intense exercise followed by recovery which is great for weight loss. If you’re short on time HIIT can be perfect for your workout – and think about things like burpees and jumping jacks as great HIIT options for your workout.

Manage your sleep

It’s vital that you’re getting enough sleep when it comes to your workout.

Science is divided on the best time to workout, and your overall workout can depend on how you feel. The bottom line is, if you hate getting up at 5am to do a workout then never fear – the time might be better spent getting some more shuteye. Sleep is a vital part of your fat loss journey due to metabolic changes

Stay hydrated

It’s essential that you are drinking enough water to make sure that your body functions as it should. By all means, drink tea or cordial – just make sure you’re getting enough water.

We hope you have found this useful and enjoy your weight loss journey, with plenty of fat loss and achievement along the way.

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