Ways to Relieve Pain from Muscle Soreness

Pain from muscle soreness is simply the worst. It affects what you do during the day and how you do it. Speeding up your recovery process is the only way to help get those sore muscles taken care of and get back to feeling like yourself again. Let’s see some of the things you can do to speed up your recovery process below.

Electrotherapy For Muscles 

Whether you are suffering from joint pain or muscles soreness, TENS + EMS Units are the perfect solution. These devices offer electrotherapy that stimulates the muscles by requiring it to contract and release. This allows for more oxygen to get into the muscles so they can recover faster after a tough workout. The TENS devices are aimed at treating pain in the body, such as arthritis, by stimulating the nerve fibers that will block the pain signal being sent to the brain. Both of these devices provide a quick and easy way to relieve pain and soreness from the body.

Stretch It Out 

When your muscles get overworked, the fibers tend to stay in their contracted state. This makes them shorter. By using some traditional stretching of your limbs, you can pull those fibers back out to their intended length and promote more mobility. This has been shown time and time again to help improve workout recovery.

If you want to get more inventive in the ways you stretch, be sure to include a foam roller. These allow you to factor in compression as part of the healing technique while you’re stretching your body. Think of a foam roller as a way to massage your muscles and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.

Ice Followed By Heat 

Many people tend to get the order of these backward and end up making their pain worse. You should always start with some ice when you feel soreness after a workout or strenuous activity. This will help to lessen the inflammation of your body.

After you have iced your body and the inflammation has gone down, then you may proceed to use heat. Heat is great for circulation in the body and getting oxygen delivered to the muscles for recovery. A Jacuzzi or heat pad can be great in-between workout tools to speed up your recovery process.

Keep Moving 

If you are extremely sore after your workout, then you should be careful with the activities that you perform. However, don’t just sit around like a couch potato either. Gentle walking and stretching your hands above your head will get the blood pumping. Your intent should be to keep the blood circulating throughout the body to help provide those sore muscles with the nutrients and oxygen they need to rebuild.

Drinks Tons Of Water 

You should be doing this regardless, but water is the key factor in feeling better. Rehydrating keeps supplying your muscles with the water they need to recover. You may notice after a hard workout that your body will retain more water than it typically does. This is because the muscles are holding on to the water to help themselves recover. Avoid any drinks that will severely dehydrate you, such as alcohol or coffee.

Muscles soreness can take a toll on your day if you are not properly prepared. Take some of the tips we shared above and apply them to your recovery process. We are sure you will start to notice better results as your recovery time decreases significantly.