Understanding Of Physical Health

Regarding the definition of physical fitness there are several meanings as follows: Physical Freshness is the ability of a person to accomplish his daily tasks easily, without excessive fatigue, and still have rest or reserves of energy to enjoy his spare time and for immediate needs. In other words Physical fitness can also be defined as ability to accomplish in difficult circumstances, where a person less physical fitness will not be able. Physical Freshness is the ability to perform work or activity, enhance work power without experiencing significant or excessive fatigue.


Function of Physical Freshness

Physical Freshness has a very important function for one’s life in performing daily activities. Physical fitness works to improve the ability of work for anyone who has it so it can perform its duties optimally to get better results. From results of first national physical fitness seminar in 1971 was explained, the function of physical fitness is to develop the strength, capability, and ability of creativity and endurance of every human, and being useful to enhance work force in development and defense of the nation and state.

The specific function of physical fitness is divided into three groups as follows:

The first category is based on work

For example physical fitness for athletes to improve performance, physical fitness for employees to improve work productivity, and fitness for students to enhance learning ability.

The second category is based on circumstances

For example physical fitness for people with disabilities for rehabilitation, and physical fitness for pregnant women to prepare for the birth.

Third category by age

For children to stimulate growth and development, and physical fitness for parents to increase endurance.

Components of Physical Freshness

Physical fitness consists of two parts, namely: Health related fitness consists of: cardiac endurance (cardiorespiatory), muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

Skill related skill relatedness consists of speed, power, balance, agility, coordination and reaction speed.

Group physical fitness in 4 main components such as:

    Cardiovascular endurance


    Muscle resistance


Based on the above description, it can be abstracted that the main components related to physical fitness, namely:

    The ability and ability (capacity) of a person in performing daily tasks.

    Increased working power especially heart function, blood circulation, lung and muscle.

    Without experiencing significant fatigue, namely: the recovery.

    Still have energy reserves

    In general helps improve the quality of life of a person.

The higher the level of one’s physical fitness, the greater the likelihood of completing a job and the greater it is to enjoy life.

How to Improve Physical Freshness

For the improvement and maintenance of physical fitness can not separated from physical exercise to balance of physical fitness. To improve and maintain freshness of body well, must meet three kinds of dosage, among others as follows:

Intensity of exercise

The intensity of physical fitness exercise ranges from 72% – 87% of the maximum pulse rate. Meaning that for a person who is 45 years of age, when exercising, the intensity of the exercise should be until the pulse reaches at least 126 per minute (72% of the maximum pulse) and the highest 152 beats per minute (87% of the maximum pulse).

Duration of Exercise

Duration of good and harmless exercise should practice to reach the training zone (traning zone) and be in exercise zone 15-25 minutes.

Dose of exercise

The intensity of the exercise is higher, then the training time may be shorter. Conversely, if the intensity of exercise is smaller, then the exercise time should be longer. The duration of exercise for health care exercise between 20-30 minutes in the exercise zone, the longer the better. Exercises will not be efficient or less fruitful, if less than the dose.

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