Top 8 Reasons You Need A Facial

Life can be tough for your skin. Whether it’s the blistering summer sun or the drying effects of central heating during the winter months, if you want to look your best at all times (and who doesn’t) then a proper skin care regime is essential.

One of the most enjoyable strategies for keeping your skin in top condition involves the use of professional facials. Here are eight reasons why you should get a facial.

A Deep Clean

A good facial includes a soothing cleanse followed by deep exfoliation. These two steps are of course part of most home routines but having a professional facial can clear your pores even more thoroughly.

The fact is that people look after their eyes and their teeth at home but still pay frequent visits to the opticians and dentists to have a professional “top up” their work and check their regime is effective.

So why not apply the same philosophy to your skincare plan? After all, professionals tend to use products and equipment that cannot be bought for the home. A perfect example are steam machines that open up the pores in a gentle manner.

Professional Advice

Everyone has different skin types and it is important to tailor products and treatments accordingly. Different products will be used for those with oily skin, those with dry skin and those with combination skin.

There are so many skin problems that sometimes they can be hard to identify. A professional at London Cosmetic Clinic, Southport, the Gold Coast can give treatments for a number of conditions including redness, acne, scarring and brown spots. Everyone likes to feel comfortable in their skin so let the experts make it look its best.

Pop, Pop, Pop

Popping spots can result in acne scarring and dark marks which are notoriously difficult to get rid of. And while very few of us would ever admit to this unpleasant habit, the fact is that from time to time most of us will feel the need to have a good squeeze.

Severe acne can be treated by professionals who do extractions without damaging the skin, therefore eliminating the risk of permanent scars. Booking regular appointments is, therefore, an ideal way to prevent yourself from picking and popping your spots while keeping your skin in good condition.


A facial isn’t just about the health benefits; it’s also a perfect way to relax and unwind. Facials are an opportunity to lie back, get comfortable and let your skin be treated by a professional with the very best products on the market. Comfortable beds, massages, and hot towels are all part of the glorious pampering experience.

It is important to treat yourself from time to time, especially with the stress that is life.  After all, stress is one of the biggest contributors to skin issues so in this way a facial can benefit you twice over; once during the treatment and then again afterwards as your stress-free body rejuvenates your skin from within.


Keeping in theme with the massage aspect of a facial, blood flow has been shown to improve the appearance of your skin. At home, you may cleanse and tone but the massage element tends to be missed in most people’s routine.

This massaging is very important in preventing ageing skin that can look dull, tired and lifeless. An increased blood flow brings new nutrients to the skin and encourages a glow and radiance that can’t be accomplished at home.

DIY Is Not the Same

Making your own masks from natural ingredients is fun to do at home and they too will benefit your skin if the right components are used. However, there are some things that just cannot be reproduced properly at home.

Products used by professionals have medicinal and clinical qualities that normally be tested extensively for their beneficial effects. Additionally, steam machines and light therapy are often used to eradicate any bacteria that may be causing breakouts; something that would be very difficult to replicate in the home.


Moisturising is a key part of any home skin care routine. It is important to nourish your skin with all the nutrients which may have been stripped during the cleansing and exfoliating process. Contrary to popular belief, every skin type needs hydration including those with oily skin and acne-prone skin.

Different products with different qualities will be used accordingly. At home, you may end up using the wrong types, depriving your skin of the moisture it needs, while a professional will quickly be able to advise you on the most suitable moisturiser based on their own extensive experience.

Don’t Wait Until It Gets Worse

Many people suffer from skin problems but the most common mistake is ignoring them. The sooner a skin-related issue is seen to by a professional, the easier it will be to treat. Experts can identify different skin issues rapidly thanks to their training and experience and will know the best solutions to any problems you experience.

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