Tips and how to make health coffee from dates seed

In addition dates or palm fruits, seeds date can be processed into delicious and nutritious drinks for health. Benefit seeds can provide a source of energy and easily absorbed by digestion. That is the short-term benefits of dates seed coffee for traditional or natural herbal remedies.

Nutrition of Dates Seed

Dates seed contain many important substances for the body, including 71.9 – 73.4 carbohydrates, 5 – 6.3 protein, and 9.9 – 13.5 fat. The dates seed also contains many other good minerals for the body such as potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), and sodium (Na).

History of dates

Seeds have been a staple food in the Middle East for thousands of years. The dates seeds are believed to have originated from around the Persian Gulf and have been cultivated since ancient times from Mesopotamia to the prehistoric Egyptians, possibly as early as 4000 BC. Ancient Egyptians used their fruit to be made into seed grapes and ate them at harvest time. There is archaeological evidence of the cultivation of seeds in the eastern part of Arabia in 6000 BC. (Alvarez-Mon).

In later times, Arabs spread seeds around South and Southwest Asia, northern Africa, Spain and Italy. Seeds were introduced in Mexico and California, around the Mission San Ignacio, by the Spanish in 1765. Seeds are an important traditional crop and also a staple food in the Middle East such as Turkey, Iraq, Arabia to North Africa and Morocco. In Islamic countries, seeds are the main traditional foods for the menu of breaking fast during Ramadan, as well as in other Muslim worlds. Once in Ramadan, seeds and seeds-based foods are available everywhere.

But there is 1 part of the fruit that is often regarded as not important dates seeds. When a person eats seeds, it is certain to get rid of the seeds. When in fact these seeds can be processed again into a healthy drink and also refreshing. We can make a healthful coffee drink as a substitute for the coffee we usually drink which certainly contains caffeine that can harm the body.

Making coffee from dates seed is easy and practical. How to process it is also similar to how to process coffee beans. Way, wash and drain the dates seed, then drying in the sun. After drying, roasting on medium heat until charred and black. Lift and chill, after a cold, blender or mashed dates seeds that have been charred and brewed like brewing coffee.

How to make coffee from dates seed

One way to be able to utilize the content of substances contained in seed seeds that are beneficial to the health of the human body is to make coffee beans as a coffee drink. If you’re a coffee lover (Coffee Lover), it’s good news to change your coffee drinking habits with healthy coffee drinks.

  • Date Seeds To taste
  • Wash seeds until clean.
  • Then dry the seeds.
  • Fry without oil until blackish and fragrant.
  • Then puree by pounding or blending.

Once it becomes fine powder, you can brew it like you brew coffee. Can also add sugar, but should use sugar free calories. Now you can enjoy healthy coffee, cheap economical and rich benefits like coffee shop. In addition you can save money not to drink coffee recipes outside your productive hours.

Benefits of Coffee Beans Dates are complete include:

  • Cure diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that usually occurs generally in a man. This disease is very dangerous and very necessary for you to overcome. So, if you have diabetes, can to consume coffee drinks this date is very good to overcome diabetes.

  • Warm the body

If you’re cold or out, it’s okay to consume this date coffee. This coffee is very beneficial for your body because it can help warm your body. So, if you want to warm the body, can to consume it.

  • Cure cancer

Cancer is a very dangerous and deadly disease. This disease itself can spread to the body and will make your cancer becomes more malignant. The compound that has been in this date palm coffee will help you in curing cancer.

  • Increase stamina

If you need strong stamina, consuming coffee is also one of the things you can do to increase stamina in your body. So, if you are in need of stamina, be able to consume this drink to help you in increasing stamina in the body.

  • Heal high blood

High blood is a disease that usually occurs in many people and is most common in nature. This disease is very necessary to overcome because it is very dangerous if you let stand. To overcome this, coffee beans can be your date for consumption of high blood pressure.

  • Curing uric acid

Uric acid is a disease that you also need to overcome. This disease is very disturbing to you when doing any activity. To overcome this, coffee dates will help you in overcoming uric acid.

  • Overcoming headaches

Headache is a very disturbing thing our activity. This will also hinder activity and make us become lazy to do it. The content in this coffee will help you in overcoming headaches or migraines.

  • Smooth blood circulation

Efficacy of coffee seeds other dates can also help you in the blood circulation. A smooth blood circulation is one thing that is very good because it can help you to prevent various diseases that will disturb you. With a smooth blood circulation then all the organs in your body will become more fluent.

  • Overcoming the cold

If you are experiencing a cold, this drink also has properties for you which is very useful to overcome the cold. So, if you are experiencing colds, black seed coffee is very good for your consumption.

  • Heal impotence

For those of you who are already husband and wife, consuming coffee is also one of the good things. The content in this coffee can help you in overcoming impotence. So, if you want to be more powerful in sex, be able to consume this drink.

Above that benefits and efficacy of coffee dates for the health of the body you need to know. Hopefully the information about the efficacy of this drink is useful to increase your insight and knowledge in maintaining your health and consume healthy drinks every day, and a healthy lifestyle will benefit in the future.


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