Things no-one tells you about fitness

Your over-all wellbeing is a collective of your physical and emotional, thus medical, health. New medical aid schemes can cover you for the day you need them, but staying healthy is in your hands.

It’s the foundation for health
This is the basis for prolonging your life and feeling healthy for longer periods at a time. And you don’t have to be a gym-junkie to be fit. Fitness can be maintained using any type of exercise you are comfortable with and can fit into your schedule.

A recent study presented on BBC’s The Truth about Exercise by Dr. Michael Mosely has proved that people react to exercise differently based on pre-existing conditions and our genetics. Mosely found in a study that while many people lost weight and saw significant health improvements as a result of exercise, others saw little to none. They were classed as “super-responders” and made up 15{aa875454b07373d8dedfd262f4efbff42a7f7465f4f4c79a368439b547441e46} of the sample and “non-responders” who made up 20{aa875454b07373d8dedfd262f4efbff42a7f7465f4f4c79a368439b547441e46}.

The fitness of a person is completely individual and may not manifest as a result of certain exercises or even result in weight loss. Dr. Mosely also tested the “full throttle” theory whereby you only do a few minutes of exercise a week collectively. First, subjects started with gentle cycling for a few minutes and then “full throttle” for 20 seconds; you do this is done another two times and it is done. This method was shown to balance insulin levels, lower blood pressure and increase overall fitness.

With just a few minutes a week you could drastically improve your aerobic fitness – sounds like a plan to me!

All you have to do is get up
The chair is the downfall of the modern man’s fitness. Sitting in a chair all day at a desk, in front of a screen means that for the majority of the day you are stationary. Someone working behind a desk versus someone who works on their feet all day, like a waiter, is getting daily exercise by completing tasks.

However you don’t have to quit your job: you can make small changes. Maybe walk or cycle to work instead of driving? Play a song and have a dance? Make minor adjustments to your day to just move more. Don’t stay strapped to your desk.

Whatever you do have good medical aid cover
That said even the healthiest, fittest people are still mere mortals at the end of the day. Study the essential medical aid rates to choose the best one for you and make sure nothing can stand in your way. Keep moving!

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