Taking Care Of Clip-In Hair Extensions

When someone wishes to try a new look, they may consider using hair Peruvian hair extensions to complete this task. This is a great way to enjoy the length of a new hair style without it being permanent. There are several steps one will need to take in the care of their hair extensions so they last for as long as possible. Here are some tips one can use when they have clip-in hair extensions to use in their natural hair.

The Hair Should Be Washed Appropriately

It will be necessary to remove clip-in hair extensions when it is time to wash them. This will help keep the natural hair from being pulled during the washing process. The extensions can be washed in lukewarm water with a sulfate-free shampoo. They should be handled gently throughout the washing procedure so there is no risk of breakage of any of the strands.

The Hair Should Be Dried Before Using

After the strands are washed, they should be placed on a clean towel to dry. They will need to be turned over every half an hour or so for complete drying. If desired, the extensions can be hung from a makeshift clothesline in the home. This will ensure they dry straight and evenly.

The Extensions Should Be Removed When Sleeping

To help avoid breaking the hair strands, remove them at nighttime when it is time to sleep. This will help keep friction from moving the head around on the pillow from causing damage to the extensions. They can be placed back into the hair the next morning. If it is necessary to wear the extensions to bed, cover the head with a scarf to minimize the chance of damage.

Avoid Using Any Chemicals Or Heat On The Extensions

To keep extensions looking natural for as long as possible, it is a good idea to avoid using any type of heating product on them. The extensions can be altered in color, but it is best to have a professional salon take on this job so they are not damaged from the process. Coloring the extensions at home can lead to them drying out, which tends to lead to breakage of the strands as a result.

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