Simple Way to Get Healthy Food While You’re Busy

Here are tips on finding healthy food that is easy to get for those of you who are too busy at the office, useful to support health, weight control, improve performance, and add the spirit to work.

Avoid processed white foods

Avoid foods such as white rice, white bread, white pasta, and white sauce. These foods are all processed foods whose fiber content and nutrients have been reduced much due to the processing. Eat whole wheat bread or brown rice. Choose tomato sauce instead of white sauce that usually contains saturated fat and sodium.

Always ready for a snack

Wherever you go, bring healthy snacks like small cut fruit, juice, oatmeal, freshly cut vegetables, almonds or nutbons. Eat your snack every 3 hours to help keep your blood sugar stable and prevent you from overeating during meals. If you want to buy healthy food or drink, you can get it through selling pure cow’s milk.

Do not eat until it is full

Eat sufficiently during meal time, about 80{aa875454b07373d8dedfd262f4efbff42a7f7465f4f4c79a368439b547441e46} full and do not get more than that. If you still feel hungry 10 minutes later, then eat a little more. Excessive eating not only leads to weight gain, but even if you eat healthy foods. Excessive eating can slow down your digestive system and can lead to more serious diseases such as diabetes.

Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables

Eat fruit and vegetables every day. Look for fruits and vegetables that are full of color, fresh, and do not forget to be washed first to remove any chemicals or pesticides that may be present in the fruit and vegetables. Choose green vegetables, such as kale, spinach, or bok-choy. Green vegetables contain many nutrients that are beneficial to health.

Avoid late eating

Your metabolic rate will slow down at night. It is advisable to have dinner before 8 pm so that your body can process your food and cleanse toxins on your body so that you avoid excess body weight.

Consumption of supplements

No matter how good a food intake you eat, no one has the perfect nutrition in the body. With an environment that contains many substances that are not good for our body, or stress because of work can affect the nutrients in our body. Here are the supplements that are recommended for consumption:

    Multivitamin / mineral supplements

    Probiotic supplements

    Vitamin B-complex (to help reduce stress, improve metabolic work and help boost the immune system)

    Vitamins that contain EFA (Essential fatty acids / Omega 3)

    Fish oil (to help improve the work of the brain, improve the digestive system, reduce stress, and control appetite)

Everyone has different nutritional needs. Consult a nutritionist to discuss what supplements are right for you.

All the tips mentioned above are things that are quite easy to do, no matter how busy you are. Remember always that your health is more important than your busy life. Keep in mind that the key to healthy living is the dedication and motivation of ourselves to start a healthy life. So, even if busy, do not forget to keep your health!

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