Outdoor Activities for Children Development

Why in early childhood need to input the outdoor play program?First of all, many children’s abilities to be developed and acquired, such as exploring, the challenges of gross and subtle motor skills, and incorporating a large amount of basic knowledge can be more effective when studying in outdoor areas.Both of our habits that keep outdoor play out from children and prefer to use computers and watching television, busy parents and too tired with their activities, as well as high and strict educational standards cause children away from play activities that develop children’s self-abilities naturally.


Outdoor game such Capture the Flag Game for young children is very important, because outdoor activities are very fun. Professionals in early childhood agree that play can enhance the various aspects of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development with an emphasis on various aspects of development depending on the focus and program of the given activity. Frost and Worthman 1966 summarize how each aspect of development can be enhanced through play activities and to calibrate the types of material suitable for each child’s development. And important for the growth and development of children. Children thrive in all areas of development that require adults to be careful in organizing and designing outdoor activities with attention to safety (security).

Outdoor spots should also have aesthetics to be fun, outdoor space should appeal to the senses. Talbot and Frost 1966 every outdoor deck should be considered a playground that stimulates the sense of sensuality and sensitivity of children, this will affect the motivation of children to be active which ultimately increase the sensitivity of children’s sense of absorbing aesthetics.

Playing activities certainly dominate the child’s growth and development. Various games can be done inside and outside the home. But when the weather is bright, let the Little to play outside yes, ma’am. Mother just choose activities outside the appropriate age of the child so that the benefits obtained to be optimal.

What is the Importance of Playing Outside? At the time of child development, the Little would want to explore new things. Let the Little Adventure by trying various outdoor games that match his age. In addition, the Little can also become more active and healthy when playing outside. Playing outside activities can also increase the confidence of the Little because of meeting new friends.

Take Little to Play Outside For kids who are not used to playing outside, they do not necessarily dare to start their own outdoor activities at home. Mom can encourage Little to dare to try various outdoor games and get acquainted with new friends. To start the first step, accompany the child to play outside the house until he starts to get used to the environment. Accompany the Little when he was infant to pre-school. When he enters school, he will become more independent and courageous. Make sure Mother always supports the development of the Small by adjusting the game that is done based on his age.

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