In 1994 I used to be a aware that Tremendous Blue Green Algae is Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, and that in lots of oceans, that’s purple tide. Yup, poisonous.

Before I knew I used to be celiac, I was vegetarian and ate a ton of grains. (One in all my fave foods was plain french bread). I started getting intense cravings all the time, primarily for starchy (as oppose to sweet) meals – potato chips, bread, pasta. I keep in mind after one really intense craving out of the blue ‘coming to’ in my kitchen, with a mouth FULL of plain, entire wheat crackers.

In accordance with the research, rats fed this food regimen have been more prone to develop tumors than others. This study was very controversial and was criticized by many other scientists for its statistical analysis, its experimental design, and even the kinds of rats that had been used as check topics; the species of rat used is highly more likely to develop tumors when fed an unrestricted diet, and there have been too few rats in the management group for a meaningful comparability.

Oatmeal porridge makes a very good breakfast and can even make a satisfying meal at different instances of the day, relying on its serving dimension and its contents. Oats are a very healthy grain and contain a soluble fiber known as beta-glucan. This fiber lowers the blood cholesterol stage and reduces the chance of heart assaults, strokes and blood clots. Caraway seeds are a tasty addition to oatmeal porridge.

If I have not made it clear sufficient, I am going to reiterate the difficulty; don’t underestimate the wind! Coming again to camp on a windy afternoon it is quite normal to see pots, pans, luggage of food and trash impaled on cholla spears and tangled amongst low-lying desert brush. Tents DO take flight, solely to be stopped when they are….impaled on cholla, tangled in brush, or the winds die down.

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