Importance of Choosing an Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon

Finding a hair transplant surgeon is the simplest thing to do, but choosing the right one is not. Hair transplant clinics are mushrooming all over in big cities and they often boast ofattractive offers and discounts. Hair transplant patients are quite spoilt for choices when it comes to surgeons, but the truth is it is not such an easy decision. And it should definitely not be made on the basis of discounts and other marketing gimmicks.

Modern hair transplant techniques like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) have made it possible for people to have a completely normal life free from the stress of balding. These procedures are advanced, sophisticated and deliver natural looking results. But the success of these procedures is largely dependent on how good the surgeon is.

The surgeon’s experience is extremely crucial for a number of reasons, which we will discuss here:

  • Hair transplant surgery requires great skill and precision. Especially for FUE that involves extracting hairfollicles from the donor areas of the head, the surgeon has tomake thousands of tiny incisions, or punctures on the scalp. This means that the surgeon has to be sufficiently experienced in conducting such procedures. It requires someone who specialises in hair transplant, and not just any cosmetic surgeon.

  • A good hair transplant surgeon has to have the eye of an artist. While making the recipient site for the grafts, for example, FUE surgeons need to ensure the grafts are placedin the direction of hair growth so as to get a natural and realistic hair pattern. Hair transplant doesn’t just mean placing implants on your scalp, it also means doing it in a manner that makes the results aesthetically pleasing. The skill of the surgeon is extremely important for that.

  • Creating the perfect hairline is also something that only experienced surgeons can do. Some patients might want their new hairline too low but a good hairline has to be age appropriate and fit well with the patient’s head and face shape. The final hairline and surgery results will all depend on how well the surgeon knew what they were doing.

  • It also takes a very good surgeon to figure from the state and stage of hair loss, if the patient might need another transplant procedure in the future.

The popularity of hair transplant means that there is a lot of competition in the market and there are a lot of clinics with high-end budgets and excessive advertising. But none of that can compensate for the experience of the surgeon. None of that can ensure that your transplant is a success. It is therefore essential to look for a reputed clinic, and not just a good deal. Infact it is fineto spend a little extratime and money for someonewho is more experienced, than to entrust your scalp to a novice.

So, how does one go about finding a well-experienced surgeon? Well, it is a great responsibility but if done properly it can be quite simple, especially since we have the Internet at our disposal. Start with doing some research online, you can join online forums and talk to people who have undergone a similar procedure. Based on recommendations, make a list of clinics in your city, or whichever city you prefer to go to for the surgery. Narrow down that list after careful research on the clinics’ websites, with special focus on the surgeon, before and after photos of patients and testimonials. If you can get a recommendation from someone in person or from a doctor you know, add those to your list as well. Read up as muchas you can and go prepared for the consultation.

On your maiden visit, any good surgeon will study your face structure, the shape of your scalp, the growth pattern of your hair, and ascertain whether you have enough donor hair. A surgeon that does not discuss these things and just promises a full mane right at the beginning is obviously not painting the right picture. While hair transplant surgeries are very effective, they might not be able to replicate your original hair.

At the consultation, ask all the important questions about the surgeon and talk about your case history. Ask them where they got their degree, how many procedures have they conducted etc. Discuss your history of hair loss, and any other medical issues you might have.

Make a final decision only when you are fully convinced.

The above article is contributed by Dr. Sangay Bhutia a hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, NCR, and India. She has years of experience in the area of hair restoration surgeon. Nowadays, the surgery cost of hair transplant in India is quite affordable as compare to other countries. So, it’s better to visit India and get the treatment for baldness at lowest price.

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