How to Use Vaping to Quit Smoking

If you should make one decision for your health and to improve your quality of life, it’s that you quit smoking. While smoking rates have generally declined, it’s something that many people still struggle with. It’s probably not because they don’t know the health risks of smoking since after decades of campaigns helped at educating people of the risks, it’s something that’s well-known and understood.

The reason many people can’t stop smoking is that it’s just plain difficult. They have likely tried many times and been unsuccessful, but one route you can take that a lot of people find effective is moving from smoking to vaping, and then hopefully stopping altogether at some point.

A lot of smokers find that moving to vaping is a positive stepping stone for them to move toward quitting altogether, and below are some tips that can help you begin vaping, as opposed to smoking cigarettes.

You May Have to Use Them Daily

A research study was introduced in 2015 that showed that when people are using e-cigarettes to stop smoking, they should think about doing it daily for the most effectiveness in achieving their goal.

The study and another like it showed that when smokers were trying to quit altogether with the use of e-Cigarettes, it was most effective that they use them daily instead of infrequently.

Use a Refillable Tank Model

A separate study that was released around the same time as the one mentioned above and was published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research showed that people were more successful when quitting smoking if they used an e-cigarette with a refillable tank.

With a refillable tank, e-cigarette users can alter the amount of nicotine as well as the flavor of the liquid.

Gradually Drop Down the Nicotine Level

It would seem possible that one of the reasons that having an e-cigarette device with a refillable tank would be helpful to people as they try to stop smoking is because they can gradually drop down their nicotine level until they’re completely weaned off it.

The process of weaning is something that’s often done when people have other addictions, such as to opioids, and it can work with nicotine as well. Your body will be able to gradually get used to lower and lower levels of nicotine, rather than the shock of having and then suddenly not having it. It also gives smokers the opportunity to get more comfortable with the idea, rather than quitting cold turkey, which often leads to failure.

Once someone is ready, there are also options for e-cigarette liquids that contain no nicotine.

Find a Device That Works For You

There are a lot of options in terms of available vaping devices and liquids, so it may take you some time to find one you’re comfortable with. Be ready for a bit of trial and error here, and don’t discouraged if you’re not immediately comfortable.

Using vaping as a stepping stone to weaning off cigarettes and nicotine can be helpful, although of course vaping isn’t entirely risk-free, and it’s really up to you as the individual. It has been shown in research to have some benefits, however, as people attempt to stop smoking.


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