Hard to Quit Cigarettes? Try these 5 Proven Ways

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Surely we are not foreign to the name of cigarettes, right? Objects harmful to the body but still many who want to suck it. The author also do not know why we still just eat cigarettes. Things we ourselves already know is not good for the body. Maybe it is our nature as a man who is fond of self-destructive.

How come? He said it’s really hard to quit smoking?

For those who have never tried, it certainly sounds difficult. It’s really hard. But for those who have tried and failed, maybe the way used is not quite right. Well, already on the curious, right? Okay, immediately wrote this stop smoking tips survey version.



Just like we want to worship. Should have his intention first let the worship that we do get ridho from Allah. This applies to those of you who want to quit smoking. Must and must have a strong intention if you really want to quit smoking.

If there is no intention, that name is fad. Usually something that is fun rarely works.


Stop Stopping and Do Not Silly

The author is no longer talking about the credits of pans or clothes that immediately stop the installment when the goods you received paid off. The purpose of penuils here is if indeed the intention to stop smoking, it must stop that day too.

Usually those who have no intention to quit smoking always fail to carry out their intentions because they are too transfixed with the term slowly that is important to succeed.

What is the result?

Failed. Why can it fail?

Because sometimes those who intend to stop stuck in their own way. For example, who usually smokes a day can be exhausted one or two packs more, continue because the intention to stop smoking a day only half a pack.

Well! Things like that the author means installments. That’s good. Because it does not torture the smoker. But most of those who use it like that only succeed in a matter of weeks or even days. Why?

Because it is precisely their way that makes smokers feel heavy to leave the cigarette. Just as you are hard to forget the former because he still often met and stalking social media him. Things like that make you still difficult to move on. Or maybe even change your mind when it’s halfway.

In addition, this way is too long. Similarly, the process of explorations in dating too long. Instead of making enthusiastic, but who make bored. The result? Failed! Therefore, if indeed the intention to stop smoking, it must really stop from now. This second, this minute, and this hour too. No compromise!


Change a “Habit”

You will never really forget the former, if until this moment still likes to do habits like you are still dating first. For example, often reminding him to sleep, to bring his lunch to campus, and more.

Similarly smoking. Smoking was initially just a fad. But ultimately tipped into a habit. Evidence that smoking has become a habit is when every time you eat, you rush to smoke cigarettes. That’s what writers once experienced.

So how do you make a habit of it? It’s easy. The solution is yes you change the cigarette is the same fruits or other types of food. Can crackers, cassava chips, cakes, or other. The important thing is you do not eat nails or glass.


Change Cigarettes with Candy or Snack

For this point is not much different from the points above. Usually smokers will actively smoke in addition to after eating. That is when they have a lot of free time, bored, or when their mouths are completely unemployed.

Well, this condition can make us want to smoke again


From now on you have to buy gum. But do not just rest on candy. You can also replace the cigarettes with other types of snacks such as ciki, peanuts, chocolate, cookies, martabak, burgers, satay, or other types of snacks.

Anyway the snacks you like. That way your mouth will not be idle again and the mouth will quickly forget the name of the cigarette.


Never Try It Again!

For this point applies to you, which if you have successfully free without cigarettes in a matter of weeks. Anyway, if you can get away from the cigarette, the sign you are not allowed to touch the cigarette even though just a try.

Remember, yes! The first thing that makes us familiar with cigarettes is because trying, until finally become a habit. So for those of you who can get out of the cigarette, have to fortify yourself from the temptations out there.

The important thing is always remember how difficult you to stop smoking when trapped in cigarettes. Keep in mind, sure everything to the better thing is not easy to do.

Make you who are still actively smoking good luck in this way.

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