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Hi Tony and all hipsters. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Yes, I believe my problems have been muscular for the reason that ache has gone. I am utilizing my exercise bike twice daily, water aerobics plus swimming classes, so getting some train. I do, nevertheless discover gardening fairly challenging, particularly bending down weeding. Very stiff, however hey, so a lot better than earlier than my op when I could barely stroll for greater than 20 yards. hope you’re all doing nicely.

By the top of these 2 weeks I began to experience throughout excessive hair shedding (from the basis I could see somewhat white bulb on the top of it). I went to my physician in August and had a number of checks done together with thyroid, vitamin deficiencies and throughout blood count. Every thing came back regular except for my vitamin D being SLIGHTLY low. She confirmed my scalp was inflamed and advisable a ketaconazole shampoo.

Thanks quite a bit for the recommendation. I had mine eliminated 6 days ago and the surgeon told me no fats for 1 month. I have to admit that my weight loss program prior the surgery was unhealthy. So I came again home to a fridge filled with fat. I’m eating small portions of hen, rice, fruits, toast. I did drink a little bit of milk (cereal and some sip to curb starvation at 2am) and It gave me free stool. Needed to attempt soup day 2 however the scent only gave me nausea lol.

Naturally, I am somewhat upset and depressed over this. I by no means thought that at fifty five I might be disabled, presumably eternally. I’ve to be grateful that at LEAST I am still capable of walk on two ft, which, in spite of everything this, is a definite blessing. Can anybody out there relate? At this point, I can use as a lot help as I can get. I really empathize with anybody who has had hip revisions that have gone south. Have a great day and maintain your chin up!!

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