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Are you eating the right amount of food and in right quantity? While food is one of the essential components for constituting the body, it is just the basic need through which the function of the body is carried out. And to maintain a healthy body and health, it is the utmost necessity to have it at the right time and in the required quantity.

Food And Life

At a particular stage, especially when it is about working dedicatedly, it is seen that people often compromise with their food. And this exactly results in the emergence of so many types of diseases. To keep all this at bay, a healthy lifestyle is what is needed along with a good fitness regime.

Yoga and Food

Mediating yoga in your life can bring a lot of changes- right from building your mental health to delivering peace and stability and most essentially highlighting you with the correct food and the correct amount. If this is unknown to you, get informed that our hands are one of the best measuring cups and joining both hands decide the amount of intake that is required for each.

The volume or the quantity will vary accordingly, and that is how it should be decided. Long back, in the Ayurveda, herbs, and spices were measured in a particular form called ‘angula.’ This is one such unit of measurement which is basically the distance between the joints of fingers. And this is what needs to be followed to get the right measurement while eating.

Food is related to different ‘Yamas’ of yoga. Ahimsa, Asteya, and Aparigraha are the three main elements that need to be applied when it comes to food. And this is how; yoga naturally cuts off the intake of any non-vegetarian and junk foods. And going back to its origin in the past, these were the types of food that provided stability and good health throughout.

Thus, yoga not only focuses on just eating to sustain but beyond that, involving love and happiness at the same time to keep a healthy spirit, mind, and happiness.

Types Of Food

While overeating can lead to lethargy and irregular intake also creates the imbalance in the body, it is thus not only essential to have healthy food, but at the right time every single day. In yoga, foods are differentiated primarily into three major types.

  1. Sattvic Food: Foods that are consumed within 3-4 hours of cooking is considered sattvic. These foods immensely help in calming down the body and purifying the mind while at the same time providing the right bit of nutrition. Fresh vegetables, leafy vegetables, lentils, nuts, and fruits are some of such types.
  2. Rajasic Food: This type of foods promotes the body and mind into activities. If taken in excess amount, this can lead to anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness and even anger. Thus spicy food or foods prepared with onion and garlic should be taken in a lesser
  3. Tamasic Food: These type of foods leads to confusions and dullness of the brain. Foods which are reheated, stored with artificial preservatives and oily or heavy food can even lead to disorientation.

Now, that you know what type of food to include in your diet, just choosing the right types is sufficient enough? Definitely no and this is when these factors are also to be considered for a healthy body and mind.

  1. See What You’re Eating: Check and recheck your diet. Your diet is the real cause of all the troubles you are facing related to health. Does your intake include more calories and you’re not working hard enough to burn them? Or your foods are full of oils and spices? In such cases, cut down what you are taking in excess. Implement yoga in your life that will purify you once again and even help in burning those extra calories.
  2. Green Vegetable: This is one such essential element that should be included in every diet- irrespective of a vegan or a non-vegetarian. This type of vegetables is loaded with vitamins, iron, fiber and even calcium, which is essential for body’s vital functions.
  3. Water: To keep the body hydrated, keep drinking water on a regular interval. Water helps in detoxifying the body, thus flushing out the buildup microbes inside. A good habit is to drink 30 minutes prior or after a meal.
  4. Chew Properly: When half of the digestion happens in the stomach, so chewing properly is very important which helps the body to absorb nutrition from the food.
  5. Focus While Eating: Focusing while eating helps in eating as much as the body requires. While engrossed in some other activities, you keep on eating without realizing the necessary amount, hence resulting in overeating.

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