Documents Required For Medical Examination For An LIC Policy

In case your sum assured (Life Insurance Value) goes beyond 10 lakhs (1 million) INR, LIC of India would want you to undergo a medical test (called an FMR – Full Medical Report) before underwriting your policy. You will be asked to visit a clinic accredited by a TPA (Third Celebration Administrator) to undergo certain assessments. Relying on the age and the quantity of insurance coverage taken, the checks will differ.

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Breast Reductions: Girls whose breasts are abnormally giant (to the purpose of inhibiting the standard of life or inflicting extreme pain and muscle pressure) can usually have breast reduction completed via their insurance coverage plan. There are risks to this surgery (as with any surgery), however there could also be positive well being commerce-offs in the long run.

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Though there’s a skeleton within the grave visited by lots of of tourists every year, a query remains (no pun supposed) if they’re certainly Edgar’s bones. Did the gravediggers who moved the physique discover the right occupant? Or was Poe, as has long been steered, snatched from the simple No. 80” grave in 1849, dissected at the medical college and a substitute skeleton positioned at the web site in 1875 for public relations purposes? The answers to those questions are additionally lost to historical past and can at all times be the grist for the mill of conspiracy theorists.

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