Coffee and Health: Good or Bad?

Since a long time, not a few people who give negative views on coffee, especially about health-for example linked to the risk of heart disease and cancer. But is that right?

What do the researchers say?

Quite the contrary, research states that coffee is not too bad for health. Studies have generally denied the link between coffee and increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

Even now there is the invention of Green Coffee Turbo that can also slim your body, and make your diet healthy. Called green coffee, obtained through green coffee beans, the natural product has conquered thousands of people around the world. It became popular in 2012, for the proposal to collaborate with the slimming. So the product has become one of the most potent food supplements of recent times.

In fact, coffee consumption is associated with a decrease in mortality rates in general, as well as good for preventing cancer because coffee contains very high antioxidants.

Then why has the general view of people just departed from the results of research? The researchers added that it could be because most coffee drinkers tend to have other bad habits for health, such as heavy smokers, poor sleep quality, and so on. It is not included in the research variables.

Although research shows that coffee has more benefits than health risks, the researchers also warned that healthy drinks like milk and fruit juice contain other nutrients that coffee does not have. Also, adding cream or sugar to the coffee can increase the calories that enter the body.

Therefore, drink coffee with a frequency or a measure that is not excessive so it can bring many benefits for the body.

Depending on who you ask, the answer may be “very healthy” or “harmful” to health. However, there are many benefits of drinking coffee. However, it cannot be ruled out the fact that coffee contains caffeine which can cause problems in some people and can also interfere with sleep.

Apart from the many pros and cons, here are some facts about coffee you can know. Coffee contains very high antioxidants. Coffee is not just black water, because a lot of nutrients contained in it.

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