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Ways to Relieve Pain from Muscle Soreness

Pain from muscle soreness is simply the worst. It affects what you do during the day and how you do it. Speeding up your recovery process is the only way to help get those sore muscles taken care of and get back to feeling like yourself again. Let’s see some of the things you can do to speed up your recovery process below.

Electrotherapy For Muscles 

Whether you are suffering from joint pain or muscles soreness, TENS + EMS Units are the perfect solution. These devices offer electrotherapy that stimulates the muscles by requiring it to contract and release. This allows for more oxygen to get into the muscles so they can recover faster after a tough workout. The TENS devices are aimed at treating pain in the body, such as arthritis, by stimulating the nerve fibers that will block the pain signal being sent to the brain. Both of …


Choosing the Perfect Corner Sofa Bed

Sometimes, we feel as if limited living space limits our hospitality. Offering your out-of-town buddy your couch was fine in college, but what about your mother coming to stay? If you don’t have a guest room, having overnight guests can feel difficult or awkward. A sofa bed may be the perfect solution for smaller spaces.

Sofa beds–also known as sleeper sofas–come in three basic formats: the futon, the traditional sofa bed, and the corner sofa bed.

  • The futon is single, large cushion on a folding frame. It can lay flat as a bed or fold in half as a couch.
  • The traditional sofa bed looks like your average couch, but the seating cushions fold out into a bed. They come in varying sizes with mattresses of varying firmness.
  • The corner sofa-bed, as the name suggests, is built in an L-shape to save space while still providing the comfort