Supporting My Cousin Through Addiction

It’s unfortunate, but I have a cousin who is in recovery. He and I grew up together and were best friends in our childhood. As adults, we went down different paths: I pursued education and a career. He pursued getting high and the school of hard knocks.

Even though we have made different life choices, we were always connected. I could always talk to him and the family often came to me when he was experiencing severe bouts with drugs.

Being There

I’m not a counselor or trained in any way to deal with these issues, but I love him and could simply listen to his troubles. I tried to engage him like he had a sickness, not like he was a bad person or made bad choices. Because of this, he didn’t feel shamed around me. This often led to attempts at sobriety, partly to make me proud, even …

6 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality



Each one of us is aware of the extremely hazardous air quality in India’s capital city these days.  Though other cities are comparatively better, the air quality is still bad in almost all cities of the country. If you are thinking that the problem is only outdoors and you are safe inside your homes or offices, then you need to think again.

The air inside is equally bad and in some cases worse than outside. It can have many added pollutants like lead, radon, formaldehyde, and other volatile chemicals besides the dust and dirt from various appliances, paints, fragrances etc. that we use on a daily basis.

Here are few ways to improve the air quality indoors where most of us spend a major part of our day.

  1. Use Natural Air Filters: There are many houseplants that are excellent air cleaners. They can make the indoor air clean of

Definition of Vegetarian and Vegetarian Type

The word vegetarian comes from another Language “vegetus” which means “strong, active, and passionate”. The notion of vegetarianism is a person who for religious or health reasons only eats vegetables and herbs. Common vegetarian understanding is people who do not consume all animal meat, beef, goat, chicken, fish, or other animals. Vegetarians eat only vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other plant-based ingredients. The vegetarian group called pure vegetarian. In addition to pure vegetarians, there are lacto-ovo vegetarian groups (vegetarians who still consume animal milk and eggs) and lacto vegetarian groups (vegetarians who still consume animal milk).

The Definition of Vegetarian

The term vegetarian first coined in 1847, and was formally adopted on September, 1847 by Joseph Brotherton, colleagues in Northwood Villa, Kent, England. It was an inaugural meeting of the British Vegetarian Society. Before 1847, the meat-eating group was commonly known as Pytagorean or following the system. This is …