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How to Limit Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding


From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, you may feel a powerful urge to protect your developing baby. Routine events, like grocery shopping, may be a new source of anxiety. Were those strawberries you’re craving sprayed with pesticides? If so, could they harm your baby? Learning more about what scientists know about pesticides and pregnancy, and how you can limit exposure, may help guide those grocery-aisle decisions.

Pesticides and Early Pregnancy

As the American Pregnancy Association explains, pesticides work by using chemicals to target pests’ nervous systems. Because your baby’s nervous system is developing between weeks 3 and 8 of your pregnancy, it’s generally wise to avoid pesticide exposure during this time in particular.

If you live in an agricultural area, the APA recommends removing yourself from the area altogether if possible. If you’re an avid gardener, consider stopping the use of pesticides in your home and yard, or …


Taking Care Of Clip-In Hair Extensions

When someone wishes to try a new look, they may consider using hair Peruvian hair extensions to complete this task. This is a great way to enjoy the length of a new hair style without it being permanent. There are several steps one will need to take in the care of their hair extensions so they last for as long as possible. Here are some tips one can use when they have clip-in hair extensions to use in their natural hair.

The Hair Should Be Washed Appropriately

It will be necessary to remove clip-in hair extensions when it is time to wash them. This will help keep the natural hair from being pulled during the washing process. The extensions can be washed in lukewarm water with a sulfate-free shampoo. They should be handled gently throughout the washing procedure so there is no risk of breakage of any of the strands.…