Healthy Foods For Heart

Living a healthy lifestyle can make you avoid the risk of heart disease and reduce the risk of death from heart disease. One of them is to start the habit of eating heart-healthy foods. To avoid the risk of heart disease, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. A study revealed that by doing healthy habits, such as regular exercise, not smoking, and eating a healthy diet, may reduce the risk of heart disease by 82 percent. One of the healthy lifestyle that you can live is to eat a heart-healthy foods.

Nasi lemak is one of the healthiest foods made from natural foods containing unsaturated fats and  good for the heart and body.


Expand eat beans such as kidney beans up to three cups a week. Besides being rich in phytonutrients that are good for the heart, nuts are also rich in fiber and water that makes you …

3Valuable Tips for New Medicaid Recipients

For many low-income Americans, Medicaid represents the only means of affordable healthcare. While it’s true that this time-honored program can be a boon to individuals and families in need, there are certain rules recipients must adhere to. Although some of these rules vary from state to state, many of them are universal. Fortunately, provided you’re armed with the following tips, you should have no trouble getting the most out of Medicaid.

1. Choose a Good H.M.O.

Shortly after being approved for Medicaid, your state will send you a list of H.M.O.s and request that you choose one. If you don’t select an H.M.O. within one month, many states will choose one for you. However, to ensure that your individual needs are met, it’s in your best interest to research available H.M.O. options and make the decision on your own. Simply spend an hour or two online researching your state’s H.M.O. …

Five Common Products That Contain Nickel

Nckel is one of those metals combined and commonly used in several products, especially household items, because it’s an inexpensive way to add luster, strength, and durability. Considering that, nickel can be found everywhere, however, there are some who are allergic to this metal.

If you’re one of those people, here are some of the most common items that you should keep your eye on and ensure that it’s nickel-free.
1. Fancy Jewelries
They’re cheap, but pretty; who can resist them? Unfortunately, if you have nickel allergy, you should stay away from jewelries that cost less than $10 as there’s a high possibility that it contains chromium and nickel– these could cause allergic reactions, and if it also has some pieces of cadmium, it’s considered to be toxic as well. Make it a habit to quick scan your jewelry and make sure that none of them are poisonous. If you …