Your Mouth and Your Overall Health

Most people are of the opinion that oral hygiene is only for having a good smile and fresh breath. So people have a tendency to become rather negligent of oral health care. But, it should be on our mind at all times that all the food we eat pass through our mouth.

If your mouth if filled with bacteria and germs then all that will get carried to your belly irrespective of what food you eat. Also, the mouth is a vital part of the body and hence lack of oral health care can lead to a variety of diseases, including cancer.

Now this is not to get you depressed or anything like that. Instead, take the read as a precautionary statement about the effects that can come from neglected oral care and the relation between your mouth and your overall health.

The Direct Consequences of Poor Oral Care

Have …

Food Life Yoga Living

Are you eating the right amount of food and in right quantity? While food is one of the essential components for constituting the body, it is just the basic need through which the function of the body is carried out. And to maintain a healthy body and health, it is the utmost necessity to have it at the right time and in the required quantity.

Food And Life

At a particular stage, especially when it is about working dedicatedly, it is seen that people often compromise with their food. And this exactly results in the emergence of so many types of diseases. To keep all this at bay, a healthy lifestyle is what is needed along with a good fitness regime.

Yoga and Food

Mediating yoga in your life can bring a lot of changes- right from building your mental health to delivering peace and stability and most essentially highlighting …

Coffee and Health: Good or Bad?

Since a long time, not a few people who give negative views on coffee, especially about health-for example linked to the risk of heart disease and cancer. But is that right?

What do the researchers say?

Quite the contrary, research states that coffee is not too bad for health. Studies have generally denied the link between coffee and increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

Even now there is the invention of Green Coffee Turbo that can also slim your body, and make your diet healthy. Called green coffee, obtained through green coffee beans, the natural product has conquered thousands of people around the world. It became popular in 2012, for the proposal to collaborate with the slimming. So the product has become one of the most potent food supplements of recent times.

In fact, coffee consumption is associated with a decrease in mortality rates in general, as well as …