Behind The Wheel: Car Accident Safety Tips For The Modern Driver

Car accidents can happen to anyone with a vehicle, and sometimes these accidents can get extremely dangerous and even contain risks of death. In fact, an average of 90 people die every day because of road traffic crashes in the United States, totaling at least 32,000 casualties every year, as per numbers from the World Health Organization.

However, this doesn’t mean you should stop driving completely and sell your car to another person. Rather, you should be more than aware of car accident safety tips you should do to keep yourself safe.

  • Make sure you are secured all the time. When it comes to driving, ensuring you are safe is a top priority. This isn’t all on the car alone, though, as you yourself should consider active ways to stay safe. Aside from wearing your seatbelt, make sure you’re aware of what your car can do and can’t do

7 Irresistible Places in Bangalore For Foodies

Foodies are great people – they love and live to eat! And because Mumbai to Bangalore flights airfare is usually so affordable, more and more foodies are flying in each day to Bangalore, an epicure’s paradise. If you are one too, or just looking for the best places to eat, here are the top seven irresistible places to eat in Bangalore:

  1. Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR)

Branches: Lalbagh Road, Gandhinagar, Whitefield Main Road, Kanakapura Road, St. Mark’s Road, JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Malleshwaram, HRBR Layout and Indiranagar

MTR chain of restaurants goes back a long way, right form 1924, and are now one of the most recommended restaurants for authentic south Indian food. Be sure to try their specialities – pure filter coffee, fruit mixture, Kesari Bhath, Khara Bhath, Bisibele Bhath, Chandrahara, Masala Dosa and Rava Idli. Owing to their popularity, they are usually crowded, but you can put the wait …

The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Getting the Information Across


Information about the harmful effects and consequences of smoking is everywhere. There is hardly a person nowadays, who cannot list at least a few of the grim prospects threatening to happen to the regular smoker. The benefits of quitting the bad habit are also widely proclaimed. But what about those who want to keep the enjoyment they get out of smoking, but are also conscientious enough to try and avoid the health hazards associated with it?

Over the past few years an alternative to tobacco has become quite popular, namely the so-called electronic cigarette, also going by e-cigarette or e-cig for short. Even though most people will recognize one of these devices when they see them, they will not be as informed of what the gadgets are made of, or what exactly makes them superior to and safer than, a regular cigarette.

So what exactly is …