Road Traffic Crashes: Why Are Auto Accidents Dangerous

As a driver, you may have a general idea of the kinds of rules and obligations you have to follow as a road user. After all, you wouldn’t be able to get your license if you didn’t receive adequate training on the matter at hand. However, sometimes, people do tend to ask as to whether or not having so many rules on traffic is necessary. If you’re one of those wondering about the importance of traffic regulations, and why there are various intricacies involved when it comes to road traffic crashes, then this article might help you out.


Starting With The Bigger Picture

In fact, it might be helpful to begin with statistics. It’s important to remember that road traffic accidents do in fact rank eighth on the most common causes of fatalities worldwide. This is because according to the World Health Organization, at least 1.25 million people per year …

Effects of Painkillers on Your Body and Brain

Pain Killer

Painkiller abuse can have detrimental effects on the body and brain of the person using the drugs.

Whether prescribed by a physician or bought on the street, they undoubtedly cause serious, often irreparable damage to the human organism. Even though this damage is possible even with

short-term application, it is typically the prolonged intake and substance abuse that brings about serious and even devastating changes to the body and brain.

Serious Consequences

Long-term use leads to a higher possibility of dependence and addiction to the drug being taken.

A while after a person starts using it, they start needing the drug for a completely different reason than the initial pain – they now have the symptoms of physical withdrawal to deal with, just in order to feel physically well. Read more about the consequences at

Painkiller addiction comes second in the United States, and is only outranked by marijuana …

Jolly Old Saint Nick’s Holiday Eating Tips

The festive season is a time for giving… and for eating far more than you had ever planned to! It’s not anybody’s fault, really, it just happens that way. Here are a few of Old Nick’s tips for helping you keep you from ruining the progress of your diet program to lose weight while still enjoying the holiday feast.

Enjoy it, but in moderation

“Everything in moderation” is a well-known saying. And it also same applies to food. Far too many people are denying themselves the enjoyment they should be getting from their food because of guilt and fear. You might feel that you’re doing your body a favour, but you’re really just causing a host of other damages. So enjoy the feast! Just not too much, though.

Bring your own food

This does not mean you should bring your own food to eat alone and not partake in the …