Carotid Stenting: As an Alternative Therapy to Prevent Stroke

Have you ever experienced sudden vision impairment with your hands and feet feeling weak and numb on one side, having difficulty speaking or understanding other people’s words, accompanied by a headache and confusion that is going on for a few moments? It may be that you are experiencing a mild stroke or medical terminology called Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), especially if you have risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, and a history of coronary heart disease.

One of the causes of minor stroke is the narrowing of the carotid artery or high blood disease in the neck and the medical term is carotid artery stenosis. Try again if likes with narrowed blood, of course very dangerous. Likewise, if the heap of fat rust in the blood is very outward and suddenly attacked by blood in the brain, of course, as the organs are very dependent on oxygen, causing cell damage. This can take place within hours of blockage. That situation we usually call a stroke.

In addition to surgery, one of the therapeutic options for narrowing of the carotid artery is by placing a stent or the like in a rust that is being difficult or in medical terms is called a carotid stent. Not unlike the installation of stents in the coronary artery of the heart in patients with coronary disease, the procedure of stent installation without surgery or general anesthesia, will be attached the stent through a suitable small catheter through the blood on the lips.

Currently in the hands of experienced experts, the carotene stent is safe and has a satisfactory success rate. Will of course this action is not done for all patients with mild stroke. After the patient has undergone several tests and has established a significant carotid artery narrowing, then the choice between surgical therapy or carotid stenting will be studied and offered to the patient. Occasional therapy will be better if you can do early prevention of the risk of complications of carotid blood vessels or coronary blood in the heart that is currently the leading cause of death in the world.

If your waistline exceeds 90 cm for men and 80 cm in women, then feel you are starting to be alert. Who knows you have suffered from metabolic syndrome which is a collection of risk factors for the constriction of carotid and coronary arteries of the heart. This syndrome consists of a waistline size above normal, triglyceride levels exceed 150 mg / dl, low HDL, blood pressure exceeds 130/85, and fasting blood glucose levels more than 110 mg / dl. If within three days arises, then you are at risk for a stroke or heart attack.

Some tips you can do to stay away from stroke and coronary heart disease from your life, that is by setting diet and physical activity. Choose healthy foods that have lots of fiber and keep fatty foods away from your plate, do not forget to exercise for 30 minutes a day, cigarette smoking, and check your blood pressure regularly.