8 Tips to Boost Your Child’s Working Memory


Do you think that your precious little darling could do much better and is not living up to his or her potential? Well, you might just be right! With a little help your child could boost his or her working memory which will be highly beneficial. Working memory refers to the process of holding on to and working with information stored in the short term memory. It is what kids use to learn and follow directions. Here are some ways you can improve the working memory. Make these little changes in your child’s life today to reap great benefits.


Let the imagination run wild

Improvisation and visualisation are crucial skills that you must encourage in your child. Fire his or her imagination by playing simple games which improve these skills. As the brain is challenged to process information and react spontaneously, it will provide the necessary boost to his or her working memory.


Say it with stories

Did you know that the ancient art of storytelling is extremely helpful in improving your child’s working memory? As they spin their ideas with words their working memory is pushed to create more meaningful information and string them into coherent words.


Be the riddler

Various kinds of riddles, puzzles and brain boosting games helps your brain to develop a faster working ability and response to difficult scenarios. It provides the working mind a strong exercise as the brain has to rapidly process the information it receives.


Reading to the rescue

Reading out loud is an extremely good mental exercise that helps improve your child’s coherent lingual abilities. It improves his or her ability to express using words, grasping the meaning of words and processing the information they convey.


Memory games for the mind

Memory games improve the cognitive functions of your child’s brain. It is not only a good way to spend some gadget free time, it also challenges the brain to retain better and reproduce the information thus memorised, thereby improving the working memory.


Sense with all senses

Teach your child to identify and make use of all sense to perceive. For example, when you serve a yummy dinner, help your child identify how he or she enjoys it with not just the tongue, but also with the nose for smelling, eyes for seeing and even the ears when he or she gets excited to hear you lay the plates.


Food for good brain

Your diet plays an important role in your brain’s functions. Brain boosting nutrients like Omega 3 Fatty acids, zinc, magnesium etc. help improve your kid’s working memory. You can also include dietary supplements like Nootropil to provide and extra boost.

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Go high on health

A good and healthy lifestyle plays an important role in boosting the brain functions, and thereby improving the working memory. Inculcate good habits in your child like waking up early, sleeping on time, limited gadget uses and regular work out and you will see the difference in no time.


According to studies children with low working memory have difficulties in performing academically. An improved working memory would not only translate to better grades, it will also make your child a more aware and smarter person.


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