6 Great Exercises for a Lean and Strong Pair of Legs

If a fantastic pair of strong, sexy legs with toned calves is your goal, you may have already spent hours in the gym and wasted lots of money. Read on for suggestions about how to achieve amazing results, not only for your legs but your entire lower body, without all the expense and the hassle.

  1. Work the lower half. Below the waist is the quickest place to build calorie-torching lean muscles. The human body has more than 200 muscles—including the gluteus maximums, the largest muscle in the body—located below the belt. To work your glutes, try squatting during bicep curls or standing on one leg for shoulder presses. The more you work the lower half, the faster you can expect to see results.
  2. Start with left if you’re right-handed. It’s recommended that you begin working your weaker side first, and for most of us, this means the left. You can think of this as your “fresh” side, which you can always improve with more reps. By working the weaker side first, you bring greater balance to your workouts.
  3. Get to the core. You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of core training. But did you realize that, unless you involve your legs, core training is next to impossible? Skip conventional crunches and you can reach your fitness goals quickly with core training that involves your legs.
  4. Lunge like a ballerina. Lunges are the best leg-toning exercises, and ballet-inspired lunges are especially effective in quickly shaping the muscles. This exercise is simple. Start by putting one leg in front of the other with both heels on the ground; then lift your heels and lunge down. Do 10 pulses of raising and lowering your heels, moving them a few inches in each direction; then switch legs and repeat. Be sure to keep your abs in and your chest out. A chair can be used for support. This simple exercise strengthens and tones glutes, thighs, calves, and hamstrings.
  5. Combine power and strength. To build a strong and lean pair of legs and burn more calories faster, combine your strength and power. Try performing a side lunge starting at 6 and ending at 10; do at least 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. As a follow-up, do no-weight split jumps to engage every muscle fiber.
  6. Put the legs to get to work. To speed up your leg-toning results and save money at the same time, you can use your legs to commute to your workplace. Yes, I’m talking about walking, rollerblading, or biking. A half-hour commute to and from work can burn 500 calories a day, which translates into around three pounds of weight loss in a single month.

These are just a few of the many workouts that have designed to improve and accelerate your leg toning and building regimen. Much more information is available on the web, such as at http://fitnessgoals.com, regarding effective leg workouts.

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