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Using Upholstery Wands to Improve the Functionality of Carpet Cleaners

Carpets normally attract dust and grime easily. It doesn’t take a long for dust to settle back on your carpet and make it dirty once more if you use a poor cleaning method. This shouldn’t discourage you from cleaning your carpets since dirt can cause illnesses to your family members. It is essential to get a good steam cleaner that not only eliminates all dirt effectively, but also leaves your carpet clean and smelling fresh. With a carpet cleaner in your home, you’ll be able to clean stains immediately they occur.

Manufacturers nowadays develop a wide range of technologically advanced steam cleaners that not only come in different designs, but are also specialized to operate in specific environments. Read specifications of a particular cleaner before you make a purchase to avoid ending up with the wrong one. Commercial cleaning equipment can be easily identified as they are big and more expensive. There are also others that are dynamic and perfectly designed to clean the interior of vehicles. There are also additional attachments that are essential to improve the functionality of your steam cleaner.

One of the ways of increasing the functionality of carpet cleaners is to get the right wands. Not only are many wands available, but they are also specialized for different purposes. A 4-inch wand will enable the cleaner to maneuver even in the most hidden places and remove hidden dirt. It is also essential for areas like a vehicle interior that aren’t uniform. This type of wand can also withstand rigorous cleaning demands such as on the stairs and the upholstery. There are also wands meant for concrete floors and those that are for soft environments.
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You should go green in your house and although it might sound like a small thing, it actually helps reduce the negative impact on the environment. When doing light-cleaning, it is commendable that you use cold water cleaners that not only do a good job, but are also eco-friendly. On the other hand, heated cleaning equipment work better when used on heavy duty fabric or places with high traffic since they disintegrate the dirt easily and suck it up using suction leaving the carpets dry. When using this method, your carpets will dry in less than 2 hours.
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One effective method that will speed up that rate at which you can clean your carpets is by pre-spraying them with effective green detergents. Green detergents normally break down tough stains and dirt particles hence make it easy for cleaning equipment to remove them. In addition, you won’t get any side effects since the green cleaning detergents are proven to be non-toxic.

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