5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Energy Levels

You have a lot to do every day, but you might not be able to get enough sleep every night. This could cause your energy level to slump, and you’ll find it difficult to work at your best, squeeze in a strong workout, and take care of yourself and your family. Thankfully, though, there are several ways that you can skyrocket your energy level, and five of them are listed below.

1.      Take a Supplement to Better Cellular Health

When your cells are working at their best, and when they have the energy that they need to get their jobs done, you’ll start to feel more energized and ready to tackle your responsibilities. Taking a redox supplement from ASEA is a great way to enhance your body’s ability to generate energy, as this product helps with cell signaling so your cells can communicate more effectively with one another.

2.      Drink Some Homemade Vegetable Juice

Raw vegetables are able to give your body a boost of nutrition in the form of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. And, an easy way to get the right amount of raw veggies is by simply juicing some at home. Plus, when you juice vegetables, your body will be able to more readily absorb all of the nutrients that they provide because your digestive tract won’t have to spend extra time breaking down the vegetables.

3.      Have Some Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are able to provide your body with nutrition and energy, as well as a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids. They also help to combat adrenal fatigue and inflammation so your body can keep going strong. And they contain plenty of fiber and protein that will support your muscles while keeping your blood sugar stable. Just purchase organic chia seeds and add a tablespoon or two to your homemade smoothies for a healthy, tasty, and energizing treat.

4.      Invest in High Quality B Vitamins

Vitamin B12 is actually referred to as the energy vitamin, but you can purchase a high quality B complex supplement that will give you several of the B vitamins necessary for your body to maintain its energy. Plus, B12 supports the healthy function of your thyroid, which plays a role in your metabolism and energy level as well. So, if you’re deficient in this important vitamin, you’ll start to feel reduced energy during the day. Have your doctor take a blood test to see if you’re indeed deficient and need a higher daily dose.

5.      Keep Your Body Hydrated

Finally, in order to skyrocket your energy level, make it a point to keep your body hydrated throughout the day, as dehydration will lead to you feeling exhausted. The Institute of Medicine recommends that men drink 13 cups of water every day, while women can drink 9 cups in order to keep energized with hydration.

With these handy tips, you can boost your energy level whenever you’re starting to feel sluggish, and you can also prevent energy crashes so you can keep going strong

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