3Valuable Tips for New Medicaid Recipients

For many low-income Americans, Medicaid represents the only means of affordable healthcare. While it’s true that this time-honored program can be a boon to individuals and families in need, there are certain rules recipients must adhere to. Although some of these rules vary from state to state, many of them are universal. Fortunately, provided you’re armed with the following tips, you should have no trouble getting the most out of Medicaid.

1. Choose a Good H.M.O.

Shortly after being approved for Medicaid, your state will send you a list of H.M.O.s and request that you choose one. If you don’t select an H.M.O. within one month, many states will choose one for you. However, to ensure that your individual needs are met, it’s in your best interest to research available H.M.O. options and make the decision on your own. Simply spend an hour or two online researching your state’s H.M.O. options and looking for feedback from other Medicaid recipients. Luckily, if you’re not happy with your choice, many states will allow you change your H.M.O. without any sort of penalty.

2. Be Mindful of Where You Seek Treatment

As any longtime recipient can confirm, not all healthcare providers accept Medicaid. Unless you’re dealing with a medical emergency, it behooves you to confirm whether or not a provider you wish to visit is Medicaid-compliant. Fortunately, this information is often easy to ascertain. More often than not, acceptable forms of payment are listed on a provider’s website. Alternatively, a quick phone call to the provider should also provide you with the answers you seek. Garden State-based Medicaid recipients on the hunt for a first-rate imaging service are urged to visit http://middletownimaging.com/.

3. Consider Prescription Costs

If you or one of your dependents requires regular medication, it’s in your best interest to look for an H.M.O. that covers most – or all – of the prescriptions they require. Some H.M.O.s will pay for a wide variety of medical procedures and doctor visits without covering much in the way prescriptions. So if prescription costs are a concern, remember to take this into account when selecting an H.M.O.

Receiving affordable care in a country with a for-profit healthcare system can be an uphill battle. Luckily, Medicaid is available to individuals and families who lack the financial means to afford traditional health insurance. To ensure that you’re able to enjoy all the benefits of this invaluable social safety net, remember to choose the right H.M.O., be mindful of prescription costs and be cautious about where you seek treatment.

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