What Is The Best Treatment For Hammer Toes?


Hammertoe is a common problem among persons of all ages. The extent of the condition among the population is not well documented as most of those affected do not seek treatment until the condition gets painful or grows huge.

But what is hammertoe?

This is basically a condition which develops when one or several of the muscles in the toes become weak thereby exerting pressure on the tendons and joints of the toes.

The pressure will force them to misshapen thereby sticking up at the affected joint. In most cases, a callus or corn will develop at the deformed toe’s top. The resultant outgrowth may hurt and pain especially when one wears enclosed shoe or any other shoe which exerts pressure on the affected area.

How to treat:

There are various treatments for hammer toe, but they can be generally categorized as ‘non-surgical’ and ‘surgical’ methods. Depending on the cause …

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