Jolly Old Saint Nick’s Holiday Eating Tips

The festive season is a time for giving… and for eating far more than you had ever planned to! It’s not anybody’s fault, really, it just happens that way. Here are a few of Old Nick’s tips for helping you keep you from ruining the progress of your diet program to lose weight while still enjoying the holiday feast.

Enjoy it, but in moderation

“Everything in moderation” is a well-known saying. And it also same applies to food. Far too many people are denying themselves the enjoyment they should be getting from their food because of guilt and fear. You might feel that you’re doing your body a favour, but you’re really just causing a host of other damages. So enjoy the feast! Just not too much, though.

Bring your own food

This does not mean you should bring your own food to eat alone and not partake in the …

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