The awesomeness of outdoor game play such Capture the Flag Game in its implementation has a dominant influence on children’s emotional social development, cognitive development, and physical development. Here’s a description of the three developments.


In outdoor contributes to emotional intelligence, so early childhood has been provided with compassion, love, and compassion.With love the children will recognize the thoughts, feelings and attitudes of others (empathy); With love the children have compassion; Love makes children childless and loving (kindness), love teaches children generosity; Love self-conditioning children to easily help others (service), love will make children become forgiving (forgiveness).

To achieve this in the design (implementation) outdoor activities, directed to the objectives include:

  • Demonstrate social skills by helping to take care of the park, participating in games with peers.
  • Negotiate and compromise and cooperate with fellow friends in using the existing equipment in the playground, various tools,

What your Food Cravings Mean: what your Body is actually trying to Tell You

Food craving are not only experienced by pregnant women or stressed out students; we all get them.But what do they mean? Believe it or not cravings are a result of deficiencies that your body is trying to make you aware of. Unfortunately the craving is usually satisfied by something unhealthy,which isn’t what your body was actually crying out for.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you have a hankering for something sweet or maybe some fast food. The rule of thumb is that the craving is usually not the result of hunger,but of thirst.A large glass of water may cause thecraving to subside because it was as a result of dehydration more so than a hunger pang.

What your body craves vs. what it needs:

Knowing what your body needs as opposed to what it is asking for is beneficial to your overall health. The more …

Memory Foam Mattresses for a Quality Sleep

Some people will wonder how to improve their quality of sleep the best solution to improve the sleep after a hectic day was sleeping and having a nap on the comfy memory foam mattresses. The main reason for the usage of comfy memory foam mattresses was their unique pressure-relieving stress and you will get drift into a peaceful rest

Foam Memory Mattress and their uses for a healthy body

Basically, people are not able to get a constant and good thinking while they have an alerting of their mental state. As like any other living organism, human being requires and needs a good quality sleep and off course it is very essential for a healthy body. Basically, good sleep quality was more important than total amount of sleep time. Our mood, health & vitality based on the quality of the sleep of a person.

Most of the people …